Climate Change and Labour Force Survey Begins

Oct 19, 2023 | Latest News

The Cook Islands Statistics Office (CISO) is officially mobilizing for the Climate Change and Labour Force Survey (CC & LFS). CISO has spent the last couple of months conducting exercises and attending workshops to prepare for this large undertaking. One example is that earlier this year CISO conducted an exercise to update their household listings and maps. CISO recognized the importance of conducting this exercise so that the CC&LFS could have relatively up-to-date information about the population distribution and housing facilities in the country. Additionally, CISO sent three staff to a week-long training in Fiji on labor force statistics. The purpose was also to prepare for the CC&LFS by improving our office’s ability to gather, process, and evaluate data from labor force surveys. “The one-week training was really helpful” according to the staff. “Since it allowed us to concentrate on making sure the questionnaire was operating smoothly and limited errors to a minimum”. The above initiatives enabled CISO officers to lay down the necessary groundwork for the upcoming CC&LFS operation.

On the 16th of October, the first enumerator training was held. Enumerators went over the key modules and questionnaires of the CC&LFS. Throughout the week, CISO will conduct training in a methodical and meticulous manner so that enumerators are fully prepared for the field. CISO staff have indicated they plan to begin collection next week once enumerator training is completed. “Right now, training is going extremely well, and we expect our teams to be on the ground in Rarotonga by next week.” At the same time, we’ll be going to the outer islands, including Mitiaro, Mauke, and Atiu. Eventually, we’ll be deploying to Mangaia and Aitutaki early next month”. The Office has stated that the survey is to be carried out between now and the early months of 2024.

The Climate Change section of our survey will be used to collect baseline data to inform the Government’s programs on Climate Change. The Labour Force Modules will be used to study the employment circumstances of the population. The data gathered will help the government, the economy, and the general public by providing reliable statistics about our economic, demographic, and social status. It will also provide the evidence needed to formulate appropriate policies and track development progress.

As always, in order to ensure that our survey is completed on time, we humbly request the assistance of our community. The responses you provide will assist us in delivering accurate and timely statistics to you, that determine significant indicators for our country’s economy and the welfare of its citizens.

The Cook Islands Statistics Office: We administer the Statistics Act 2016. This legislation authorizes us to collect information concerning any or all of the classes of official statistics specified. Please be assured that all information you provide will be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL under the law.

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