Vital Statistics and Population Estimates – June 2021

Jun 17, 2021 | Vital Statistics and Population Estimates

Vital Statistics and Population Estimates is a quarterly report on the total and resident population estimate based on vital events of birth and deaths plus net migration data derived from tourism migration data. It also reports on the various vital events such as births, deaths and marriages. Some basic demographic crude rates such as for birth, death and infants deaths including natural increase are also reported in this release.

Key Facts:

Quarterly Change

In the June 2021 quarter compared to the March 2021 quarter

  • Cook Islands Total population estimates stood at 18,300. This is 500 people more when compared to March quarter 2021.
  • Resident Population estimates stood at 17,200, decreasing by 1.7% with 300 people less when compared to previous quarter (17,500).
  • There were 47 live births registered with 28 births being males and 19 were females.
  • Deaths dropped by 25.0% (30 deaths) with 16 being males and 14 being females.
  • Crude birth rates decreased from 3.2 to 2.7 births per 1000 population in June quarter 2021. Crude death rates dropped from 2.3 to 1.7 deaths per 1000 population in June quarter 2021.
  • Number of Marriages doubled for this quarter. Evenly sharing 11 marriages for both Non-resident and Residents which stood at 22 marriages for June quarter 2021.

Annual Change

From the June year 2020 to June year 2019

  • Cook Islands Total population estimate stood at 18,500
  • Resident population was estimated at 17,900
2021 2nd qrt Natural Increase

Latest Release: June Quarter, 2021


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